Friday, September 10, 2010


Date: 8/18
Time: 12:05 PM CST
Place: Dorm

So, there I was. nonchalantly checking my Facebook in between classes on my first day back for the semester, when lo, and behold, I discovered the WDWCP Facebook group was going nuts because APPLICATIONS ARE UP!

This was me:

But I still had class to go to, so no filling out applications for me yet!

Fast Forward to 2:30 PM

FINALLY! I finished classes, but a friend came over and forced me to play Mario Kart on my roommate's N64 (yes, after much persuasion, he finally got me to play video games.), so it was around 3:30 when I got to the application for the WDWCP.

I watched the E-presentation, got my number, and went about finishing the application. On a side note, don't you think it's about time for them to update to a format that works on something other than Internet Explorer?
Me after using IE for the ENTIRE application process.
The web interview, briefly (there might be a whole post later if anyone's clamoring for more details), was pretty stressful, I'll admit, but as long as your answers make sense logically and you stick to the "strong" answer categories, you should be fine. At the end, I got a screen that said "You've been identified as a Strong Candidate" and so on. Hooray! I know everyone gets the "strong candidate" message, but it still felt good!
"I'm a strong candidate!"

Anyway, by the time I finished, it was 4:30 CST, so when I called to schedule my interview (hooray!), the CP offices were already closed!

This was me:

So i had to wait until Thursday to schedule my interview. How did it go? What time was my interview? Does anyone care? What questions did they ask? Did they get my email address right? You'll have to tune in next time on FLASHBACK BLOG #2!

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