Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's this? A blog?

Hi! So, I'm late to the party, it would seem.

I'm Katy, by the way.
I started a blog because I know I really like to read about other people's experiences in the Walt Disney World College Program, and now it's my turn! I was afraid to start a blog before I got my acceptance (Who wants to deal with the mess of deleting their blog when they're already sad enough that they didn't make the program? Not me!), but now that I'm officially in, I'm feeling like it's finally time for me to start one of these babies up. So. Here we go! Join me, will you?

So Katy, you've been accepted. What role will you have during your program?
Main Entrance Operations!

Wait, what's that?
That's the fabulous job where you either:

  • Work the parking lot directing cars into their spots, driving the tram, or delivering spiels on the tram
  • Work selling ticket media at the booths at the front of the parks or other complexes on property
  • Work taking tickets/manning the turnstiles at the front of the parks (please let me get this!)

So you're going to be working in Main Entrance Operations. What dates will you be in WDW?
I'll be in WDW as a Cast Member from 1/10 until 5/13. Mark your calendars!

What else can I expect from this blog?
Well, I'll have to have flashbacks to the application process I'm sure. Then, I'll probably babble on about the program for a few months until I get to WDW, then HOPEFULLY I'll continue making updates from Orlando!

Blogs aren't cool anymore. Don't you have a vlog?
No. At least not yet. Until someone persuades me to look at myself for hours on end, I won't do it. I will probably take video in the parks come January, though!

So, I started this blog much too late at night, so I think I'll leave you with a joke.

How much did the pirate pay for corn?
A Buck-an-ear! (A buccaneer, get it? eh? eh?)

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