Friday, December 3, 2010


So, I guess it's been about 3 months, huh?


I'm back, though, and I vow that I will not fail you again, dear blog!

So, we're about 5 weeks out from January 10th. This is so crazy! In fact, I'm still not entirely convinced that I'll make it to Orlando, and I don't think I'll believe that this is actually happening until I'm standing at my work location with my nametag on and the "earning my ears" ribbon taken off. THEN I'll finally be convinced that I get to stay in Orlando.

Until then, I'm still here in Birmingham being paranoid that something with my school won't work and this will all blow up in my face. It's too good to be true, right? Something's going to happen, right?

Oh well, it'll all work out.


Anyway, I'm extremely excited to get to Orlando and meet the people I've sort of met on the internet. I have a group of awesome girls for roommates already, so we're planning on meeting at 6:00 AM (eek!) outside of Vista Way, the apartment complex where registration takes place, so that we can beat the crowd and make sure we all get into the same apartment. You can only guarantee your actual ROOMmate, the one who will be in your bedroom with you, beforehand, so getting to check-in early is the best way to increase your chances of getting the apartment you want in the complex you want.

We're making the best of it by making a breakfast potluck while we hang out waiting for check-in to open up. I'm super excited!

Before that, though, we have a College Program meet up on December 20th for those of us in the surrounding area who want to hang out for a little while. This is why the CP is awesome, you meet fun people even before you start your program! I'm really looking forward to this, especially because the restaurant we're going to uses paper tablecloths and gives you crayons (!) to use.

I think I'll leave it here for now. I just thought, now that there's a whole 14 of you, that I'd actually go back to the blog! Sorry there aren't any pictures, I might be in class right now.

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