Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So, I've been checked in for a week. SO much has happened!

Starting with check-in: My roommates and I all met at 7:30 at the Holday Inn across from Vista. Word of advice, if you're really set on a specific complex (Chatham, Vista, Patterson) get to check-in BEFORE 8:00. That's when we got there, and there was already about 100 people or so in front of us, and by the time we got to pick our apartment, there were no 3- or 4-bedroom wellness apartments left at Chatham for our date. So we're at Patterson. And it's actually really cool! It's only $1 more, and the whole "waaah you have to walk to the bus stop" deal isn't really a problem. It takes about 5 minutes to walk there, so don't stress!

Anyway, it took us about 2 days to get settled in, and now our apartment feels like we live here. It's nice! I've already been to all of the parks at least once, although mostly for only a couple of hours. Tomorrow and Thursday are going to be pretty big days. We're going to see the new Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun parade at Hollywood Studios, and then head over to the Magic Kingdom to check out the new "Memories" castle show that takes place before Wishes. Then Thursday we have a reservation at Chefs de France. Exciting! I haven't eaten at many restaurants on property, so I'm going to try to visit as many as I can while I'm here.

We get a 20% discount at most restaurants normally (there may be times when it's not available) but when you get the discount, they automatically add in an 18% gratuity to the bill. So basically, you don't have to pay tip.

Oh yeah, you might be a little interested in where I'm working. Maybe. No? Well, who asked you? I'm telling you anyway.

I work the parking lot at Epcot. It doesn't sound glamorous, but it's lots of fun! I get to drive a tram! And spiel! And when it's chilly, we get sweatshirts! What other role at WDW do you know of where you can wear a sweatshirt?

Plus, all of the people I've met on the job have been so fantastic. My trainer has been at Epcot parking for 16 years, and he really loves it. And they like CPs! I'm so glad, because you hear all kinds of stories about how some full-timers really hate all CPs because of a few bad characters who have come through in the past. No one at parking starts disliking you until you do something bad yourself, which is good to know!

Anyway, my shift tonight starts at 5:00, so I thought I'd use my spare time to let you guys know that this is the coolest thing to do ever! I know people from all over the country now!

I'll leave you with this:

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